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Capital Campaign Budget

AWA is projecting the expansion will cost more than $5M

  • Hard costs: $3,750,000

o Materials, labor, site work, wiring, security, curbing, paving, etc.;

  • Soft costs: $570,000

o Architects, engineers, permitting, insurance, contingencies, etc.;

  • Furniture and fixtures: $170,000

o While AWA will strive to use many items from the existing facility, the reality is that many items have outlived their usefulness and need to be replaced; Flooring, air flow, cages, noise reduction, commercial washers and dryers – and so much more – are needed to keep the environment healthy and safe for all who enter out buildings.

  • Capital Campaign and Related Costs: $90,000

o Consulting, printing, mailing, events, donor recognition plaques, etc.

  • Operating and Program-Related Costs: $190,000

o Increased operating expenses, e.g., electric, water, for first two years
o Increased staffing and additional center hours for first three years
o One time phasing expenses for renting, storage, staying operational

To inquire if significant naming opportunities remain for leadership gifts, please contact Executive Director Maya Richmond at