Australian shepherd dog gives woman a paw.

AWA’s Response Efforts to Hurricane Florence

UPDATE: Tuesday, September 18th – 3:00pm

AWA received a transport from St. Hubert’s on Monday afternoon with nine dogs from the hurricane affected areas. These dogs were transported from shelters in North Carolina in order to make room for pets that have been displace during Hurricane Florence.

Many of the dogs have medical needs, including two that are suffering from heartworm. With the help of our supporters we will be able to provide each dog the care and compassion they need.

UPDATE: Monday, September 17th – 9:00 am

Today, an AWA staff member will be taking a trip to St. Hubert’s to pick up 10 to 12 dogs that have been removed from hurricane affected areas in the South. They will be arriving at AWA on Monday evening and we will be able to provide more information on Tuesday.

FRIDAY, September 14th – 2:30 pm

Last year’s hurricane season devastated parts of the United States, and animal welfare organizations in the affected areas were desperate. With the help of our generous supporters, AWA was able to step in and receive transports of homeless pets from impacted shelters.

AWA took in homeless pets from shelters impacted by both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria, in order to make room for shelters that were displaced in during the storms. Hope, pictured here, was rescued from Texas and found a forever home in NJ a short time later.

AWA is in Action in Response to Hurricane Florence

One year later, as Hurricane Florence closes in on the Carolinas, we would like to keep our friends updated with our current efforts. We are doing everything we can to ensure that our partners in the South receive much needed help. Members of AWA’s staff are packing their bags to get ready to deploy with national organizations to care for and save pets in the most impacted areas.

The rest of our staff is making preparations to accept transports of animals that are currently in shelters. As one of the only shelters in our area with a full veterinary staff, we are preparing to take in many homeless pets with special medical and behavioral needs.

This rescue effort is developing. Help will likely be needed for weeks to come. As more details become available, we plan to share them with our supporters.

If you would like to help us continue to provide assistance to the affected areas, please considering giving today.

Please stay tuned to this page as we provide updates.