Your support made it possible for Bleu to have the surgery she desperately needed. 

Bleu survived one of the worst hoarding cases the AWA staff has assisted with. As if Bleu hadn’t been through enough, she was shot when she was young and received no medical treatment, meaning the bullet was not removed. There was also something wrong with her hip, it kept popping out of the joint, causing her a great deal of pain and discomfort.

Once Bleu arrived at AWA she was given pain medications to make her comfortable while she awaited test results on her hip condition, to see if surgery was required. Unfortunately, the only option for Bleu was to have her leg surgically removed. Fortunately, generous supporter’s like you made it possible for her to receive the medical treatment she needed. Once Bleu recovers from her surgery and is back on all three feet, she will be waiting for that forever family she know is looking for a dog just like her.

Your support made a big difference in Bleu’s life, no more pain. Thank you for caring!