Thank you for making it possible for Chip to have the surgery he needed.  Your donations allowed Chip to live a pain-free life.

Chip was the best surgical patient.  Just 14 hours after surgery he was walking around the outside of AWA meeting staff and volunteers wagging his tail.

Now, a double Thank You!  We are pleased to share with you that, with the generosity of yourself and others, we surpassed the goal.  This was very fortunate because, hours after asking for donations for Chip, we got word that a new doggy, named Tyson, needed the same surgery.

Like Chip’s story, when Tyson arrived, the veterinary technicians looked at his leg and said, “it shouldn’t go in that direction.”  The next day we were able to get an xray of his leg which showed a bad break which had healed improperly.

The extra funds raised allowed us to make Tyson a “tripod dog” like Chip.  AWA’s shelter veterinarian was joined by Dr. Chris Torre of Mount Laurel Animal Hospital so both procedures could be performed the same day.

Both dogs are dreaming of their new forever homes and getting lots of attention and treats during their recovery.   It’s an invaluable gift you’ve given them.

Your generosity is inspirational!