Your support made it possible to rescue Garrus from the Korean Meat Farm. 

Tiny, cramped cages with little to no water or food, left outside in the hot sun all day with no shade, those are the conditions that Garrus (Formerly Sam Geun) was living in all his life in South Korea. He was living on a dog meat farm with 100 other dogs where he wasn’t getting any human affection or veterinary care.

Garrus, the 108 lb. Mastiff mix, was rescued and transported to AWA with 9 other dogs thanks for our friends at the Humane Society International. When he arrived at AWA he was given veterinary care and was taught what it was like to be around caring humans. Garrus did so well acclimating to his new life that he was made available for adoption and was adopted within a couple weeks.

Garrus’s forever family sent us a great update that we wanted to share!

Garrus has been adapting beautifully. Learning about these market dogs and gaining his trust has been eye opening and rewarding. When we first adopted, he was reclusive but so wanting for attention and love…and in the past 2 weeks, he has become so comfortable and loving. He is a big goof who loves sleeping, walks, chicken jerky, being outside, his big/small brother, and his boxer neighbor. Thank you for completing our family! Here’s a picture of him doing something naughty but being soo cute!