As you can imagine, the transition to a shelter can be difficult for pets, especially after spending their entire lives in a loving home. Peaches, a senior cat, found herself in this exact situation after her previous owner was no longer able to take care of her.

Often when people decide to open their hearts and homes to new pet, they are looking for younger animals, making it difficult for seniors like Peaches to find a home. Your support allowed us to support peaches over the seven months that she was AWA, and give her all the time she needed to find a forever home.

Throughout the duration of her time here, the staff and volunteers grew to know and love her – but one staff member in particular always had her eye on Peaches. After a very long wait, Peaches was adopted by Paula, an AWA staff member. AWA is thrilled that Peaches will spend the rest of her days lounging around her forever home with a very loving owner.

“I am thrilled to be able to give Peaches a loving home where she can spend her days basking in the sunshine. As I grow older, adopting a senior makes a lot of sense.” – Paula D.