Unfortunately, many dogs find themselves in and out of shelters their entire lives – and this was almost the case for Princess Plumpy. Plumpy was in and out of a high in-take shelter in Philadelphia many times, but each time she was placed on the euthanasia list, her owner came back for her.

One night, the shelter was full and Princess Plumpy’s luck almost ran out when she was dropped off by someone claiming she was a stray. AWA got wind of her predicament, and we were able to come to her rescue – all thanks to the funds donated by people like you.

After a short stay at AWA, Princess Plumpy found the perfect forever family. Her new family even brought her to AWA’s Well Mannered Dog classes to learn a few new tricks! We are so grateful that donors like you allowed us to help Plumpy find forever.

“Her rescue story is my all-time favorite and if it weren’t for AWA’s incredible donors, fosters, and volunteers, Princess Plumpy would not have lived happily ever after.” – Sara R.