Your support made it possible for Quill & Latte to get their forever home. 

Quill and Latte didn’t have the easiest start at life. In the middle of July these two adorable sisters were found by a good Samaritan alone and starving, crying out for their mother who was no where to be found.

They were quickly brought to AWA and our shelter staff went to work getting them a medical evaluation. Little Latte was only 1.25 pounds when she was brought in and Quill was not much bigger at a little over 2 pounds. Upon further examination, by AWA Veterinarian Dr. Emily, they were both found to be blind due to their eyes being underdeveloped. Dr. Emily determined that their sight could not be rectified and that both kittens had to have eye surgery to make them more comfortable and less prone to medical issues later in life.

Determined to only be a few weeks old when they were brought to AWA, Quill and Latte were sent to fostercare until they would be old enough to be spayed and then adopted. They grew bigger and stronger over the next two months both reaching over 3 pounds each. Quill and Latte’s story gets even better, last week they were adopted. Their foster mom fell in love with the two kittens and had a foster failure, she decided she could not bare to be apart from them. These special little kitties get to stay together in their forever home.

Stories like this are why we love doing what we do, thank you for your support of AWA.