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The Importance of a Well Mannered Dog

Posted By on July 3rd, 2018

When you first welcome a dog into your family, whether a puppy or an adult, it’s important that you get off to the best start by teaching your new furry friend basic training commands. Training your dog can be rewarding for both you and your dog and create a lifetime of loyalty and companionship.

The Benefits of Training Your Dog

Training is essential for both your dog’s well-being and your family’s comfort. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll reap with a well mannered pup:

Training helps reduce stress for both you and your K9 companion. 

Training your dog to behave well in an array of environments will help keep them stress-free when they come across an unfamiliar situation.

Training prevents potential tragedy.

If your dog happens to slip away from you while on a walk, it’s important that they listen to your commands. This can keep your beloved pup from getting themselves in an unsafe situation, such as running into the street.

Training helps your dog physically and mentally.

Some dog breeds need more mental and physical activity during the day or they become destructive. Training provides dogs with mental and physical stimulation which will help your dog burn some energy and keep them happy.

Training helps you build a positive relationship with your dog.

Positive training with your dog will make learning rewarding and help you better understand your dog’s behaviors. This builds mutual trust between both you and your dog without causing intimidation and fear.

Trained dogs are less likely to end up back in the shelter.

Many dogs end up back in the shelter due to behavioral problems. With proper training early on, behavioral issues can be corrected before they become a bigger problem.

Training at AWA

Training isn’t always easy, and we know some of our four-legged friends can be quite stubborn. We want to make training as easy and positive as possible for both you and your dog. AWA offers a variety of training options for pups of all ages. Our knowledgeable and friendly instructors believe that every interaction you have with your dog teaches him something. All training is positive and reward-based.

The Well Mannered Dog: This class runs three consecutive Saturdays and helps your K9 companion learn basic manners, including sit, stay, down, loose leash walking and more. This class is for dogs 6 months and older. Click here to find more info!

The Well Mannered Dog – Better than Basics: Has your dog already mastered the basic commands? We’ll help you go beyond the basics and build off of the skills they already know. Spanning over three classes, your dog will learn targeting, impulse control, walking, heel and more! This class is also for dogs 6 months and older! Please go here for more information!

The Well Mannered Dog – Puppy 101: It’s so important to instill good behavior in your pup from a young age. This indoor training class includes three sessions and puppies will learn to socialize, how to act appropriately in different environments, basic manners and so much more. More information on our Puppy 101 classes can be found here.

After attending AWA’s training classes, you’ll be well on your way to living happily ever after with your fur baby! If you have questions about one of our training courses, please email