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Temporary Pet Guardians

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Keep their Pets

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Purpose: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Keep their Pets is a listing for pet parents who need to find temporary alternative care for their pet(s) due to variety of circumstances.  Temporary Pet Guardians gives peace of mind to military personnel, individuals who have experienced a natural disaster such as a hurricane, individuals who have been affected by a fire, and other temporary circumstances.

Why is this important?

This is a vital program to incorporate into the community for many reasons.  Having access to a program such as this one, will provide an alternative option to surrendering a pet to an animal shelter.  By providing access to community members who will act as a Temporary Pet Guardian until the pet can be returned to the owner, Neighbors Helping Neighbors Keep their Pets, reduces the number of animals in shelters and provides pet owners with a sense of security knowing their beloved pet is receiving loving care.

AWA’s Role

AWA is committed to caring for the pets in our community and the people that love them.  Providing this listing to those who find themselves experiencing an emergency situation or deployment, offers an option to use community support to assist a community member in need.  AWA is unable to provide assistance beyond the set-up of the listing.  AWA is not involved in the following, including but not limited to, the assigning of a Temporary Pet Guardian to an individual in need, filling out pet profiles, facilitating met and greets, providing funds, providing pet care, assisting with filling out a contract, providing updates to the owner and monitoring the care being provided to the pet.

Submitting a pet

Individuals looking to utilize this listing must fill out a pet profile and submit it through the site.  This will provide information about the temporary situation the owner is experiencing which prohibits them from caring for their pet temporarily, the length of time the pet needs to be with a Temporary Pet Guardian and information about the pet, their personality, likes/dislikes and any other important information that a potential Temporary Pet Guardian should know.

Temporary Pet Guardians

Those interested in becoming a Temporary Pet Guardian to assist individuals in need, are providing an invaluable service to help ease a burden the pet owner is experiencing.  You will become the temporary care giver to a pet and provide routine daily care, updates on their pet and any additional medical care that may be necessary.  The pet owner will be responsible for all food and medical care of their pet, and an arrangement should be made in the contract as to how this is paid for.  A start date for Temporary Pet Guardianship and an estimated date of Temporary Pet Guardianship completion will be provided upfront in the contract, which can vary depending on the circumstance.  Temporary Pet Guardians can specify a minimum and maximum length of guardianship.  Temporary Pet Guardians can review pet profiles on the listing and then reach out to the individual in need, to offer their services.

Here is a Sample Temporary Pet Guardian Contract to fill out for the agreement.