Sponsor a Pet

Sponsoring a pet at the Animal Welfare Association makes a true impact in saving lives

With a $75 gift, you can put a furry face to your donation by being a part of AWA’s Pet Sponsorship program. Your 30-day sponsorship gives additional support to a select group of animals that need some extra help. These adoptable pets may already have a higher-than-average length of stay at AWA, they may be older, or have health or behavior challenges that make it more difficult to find their forever home.

Sponsor a pet and be a champion to homeless animals until they find their forever home!

If you are unable to sponsor an animal through our Pet Sponsorship program, we ask that you please share their story to help them find a loving home.

How It Works

  1. Choose an animal from the lists below
  2. Click “Sponsor Me” and fill out information (make sure to include which pet you’d like to sponsor!)
  3. Checkout and save a life!

$75 receives 30-day sponsorship of an AWA animal. If animal is adopted during sponsorship, funds will be added to general operating fund to help other pets in AWA’s care.

Choose a Pet In Need

The animals available in our Pet Sponsorship program are the most in need. They may be having a difficult time being adopted due to age, breed, or size, or have medical or behavioral challenges making it harder for them to find homes.

Choose the dog, cat, or small animal that you would like to sponsor from our available sponsorship list. If that pet is adopted during your month of sponsorship, your gift will still help other needy pets by going into AWA’s general operating fund.

Visit our adoptions pages to find more pictures and learn more about the animals available for sponsorship at AWA.