Foster a Pet

Become a Foster for Homeless Pets

Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to a shelter animal! Fostering is an immensely rewarding experience as it is a very personal way to become involved in saving an animal’s life. This program has dramatically increased the number of animals our shelter can save and plays an integral part in the shelter’s ability to find homes for hundreds of homeless pets annually. Foster parents truly give these animals a second chance at life. Our busiest time of year is spring and summer but foster homes are needed all year round.

Did you know?

We provide training, supplies, and veterinary care while pets are in your care.
For more information, please email AWA’s Foster Coordinator at [email protected]

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Read our Foster Program FAQ
  2. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and must complete a volunteer application.  Apply here!
  3. You will be contacted within two weeks by the foster coordinator for foster training.

Please note: All volunteers who have been inactive for more than 1 year must complete a new application and attend a Volunteer Orientation in order to resume volunteering.

* Court Ordered Community Service Volunteers – Please note that Fostering is not included in court ordered community service hours.