Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Experiences

Does your child love animals? So much that they talk about growing up and working with them? Bring them to Animal Welfare Association and give them an experience they’ll never forget!

Your child and 1 special guest will be treated like VIPs as they get to hangout behind-the-scenes and engage with our animals in ways you won’t find anywhere else.

You can choose their favorite experience, add them to a birthday party hosted at AWA, or stack them together to give them a day full of memories that last a lifetime!

5 Amazing VIP Experiences

Choose from any of these amazing experiences, or package some together when you book a birthday party at AWA.

Community Cat Room

Play with multiple cats in their special community room


15 minutes of play
For VIP + 1 guest
Only way to play in Community Cat Room

Doggy Treasure Box

Make mega-puzzles for 2 dogs and watch them play!


20 minutes of play
For VIP + 1 guest
Make a dog's day!

Become a Vet for a Day

Dress up and become a vet yourself in our Pet Clinic!


25 minutes of play
For VIP + 1 guest
Use microscopes, view X-rays and more!

Shadow a Vet Tech

Go behind-the-scenes of the shelter's medical area and learn how to examine an animal


20 minutes of play
For VIP + 1 guest
Learn what it takes to care for animals

How to Train Your Bunny

Become a master trainer using special tools and treats!


20 minutes of play
For VIP + 1 guest
Train rabbits up close and personal

Book a Birthday Party

Did you know you can host a birthday party at AWA!? You can pair these VIP experiences with a birthday party for an ultimate celebration they will NEVER forget!