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AWA's TAIL Talks Series

A new program for 2023, AWA’s TAIL Talks are a FREE series of seminars held monthly, designed to educate, promote discussion, and incite change in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. The idea is to provide a forum to learn about animal-related topics directly from experts, who will be given a platform to interact face-to-face with our community of animal lovers. 

What to Expect

Topics and experts will vary, but cover a variety of important issues within animal welfare, behavior, training, rescue, healthcare, technology, ethics and more. Our speakers will be well-versed in these topics and be able to offer real-world insight and new ways of thinking about how we look at animals’ place in society and our homes.

These events promote and encourage discussion, and will be perfect for all those interested in animal welfare. Attendees will be be given the chance to ask questions and share the different ideas that we have in our community. Whether you’re in an animal-focused profession, looking to potentially enter one, have a pet-related issue, or are just curious about how you can promote the wellbeing of animals, TAIL Talks are for you.

Upcoming TAIL Talks

Future Topics: 


Holistic Pet Health and Alternative Veterinary Medicine

Cat got your tongue? Cat Training and Troubleshooting

Pet Medium Readings from Across the Rainbow Bridge

When disaster strikes: how to include your pet in emergency planning

This month we have multiple expert speakers to discuss the broad impact their therapy dogs make.

Peggi Breuninger, certifier for Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Volunteer Network Liaison for Crisis Response Canines, discusses their certification process, disaster relief visits, and decades of experience.

Katelynn Hewitt, Pet Therapy/Visiting Vet Coordinator at Virtua Health shares her experience managing 37 therapy dogs.

Peter Ceru, the Regional Director for Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs discusses their evaluation and how their dogs benefit children on the spectrum.

Last but not least, we have our AWA Pet Therapy Volunteers Doug and Michelle to discuss how their dogs help further AWA’s mission of strengthening the human- animal bond.


Interested in joining one of our TAIL Talks? Think you have a great topic for us to cover? Are you an expert that wants to volunteer to share your knowledge and ideas with the community? We would love to hear from you! Reach us at [email protected] or 856-424-2288, ext 219.

Absolutely! There will always be time left for questions and we encourage open discussions. Often, we will collect frequently asked questions in advance on our social media channels, to ensure common issues are addressed.

We welcome any questions at [email protected], or 856-424-2288 ext 119. 

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