Make a Charitable Donation From an IRA Account

If you’re at least 70 ½ years of age, good news! IRA rollover charitable giving is a great way you can support AWA.

How It Works

This type of IRA rollover allows donors to transfer up to $100,000 directly from their IRA to charity each year.

An IRA rollover gift is a tax-exempt distribution that can be used to meet all or part of an IRA required minimum distribution.

IRA Legislation Details and Dates

Recent legislation has paved the way for a growing number of Americans working into their 70s and beyond to continue saving in individual retirement accounts.

Starting Jan. 1, the legislation removes the age cap for traditional IRA contributions, currently 70 ½, for individuals with wage income. It also allows people with tax-deferred accounts to delay, until after turning 72, the minimum withdrawals the law currently requires starting after 70 ½ years of age. (The change applies to people who turn 70 ½ after Dec. 31, 2019.)

How to Make Charitable Donations From Your IRA

If you’re considering making an IRA rollover gift to AWA, please contact Laura Houston at 856-424-2288, ext. 109, or send an email to

We would be happy to discuss this wonderful workplace giving program with you!

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