AWA’s Partnerships

Want to Become a Partner?

Read through our sponsor packet at the link below. Any other questions? Contact [email protected] for details.

A Special Thanks to our Partners

Become an AWA Partner!

Join other local businesses in helping homeless animals in our community!

AWA’s long-standing history as a regional leader and resource in animal welfare makes us a credible and dedicated community partner with whom local businesses and organizations can achieve meaningful community impact. Through shared values and activities that align with each of our partners’ own missions and philanthropic goals, AWA builds partnerships that will benefit the pets and people of South Jersey for years to come.

To become a Partner please contact Laura Houston at  [email protected]

A Word from our Sponsors

“As a long time sponsor of AWA, I am continually surprised at the new ways they develop to keep my products integrated with their own mission and how they present to the public.” – Larry Feldstein, Senior Animal Care Manager, Merck Animal Health

“AWA has been a source of support for these animals for over 70 years, and our employees recognize its long history, its excellent work, and its bright future. We are grateful to be able to call AWA a partner.” – Steve Holman, Director – Community Affairs, Holman Automotive

“I am so proud to be a sponsor for AWA’s annual Paws & Feet Event, now for 2 years in a row. This has created so much engagement within our office and our associates look forward to participating each year.” – Mel Cepeda, Regional NJ PIP Claims Trainer, Geico

“When we were shopping around for a company to sponsor, we knew we’d made the right choice in South Jersey’s largest and oldest animal shelter—the benefits are outstanding and our staff loves knowing that by working for Ravitz Family Markets, they’re helping AWA save lives.” – Ken Brahl, Senior Director – Ravitz Family Markets