Medical Wish List

Please contribute to our Clinic Wish List Fund, which will be used for the purchase of critical medical supplies.

Please donate today, and help us reach our goals!

If you prefer to purchase a specific item from our wish list, please let us know by email at [email protected]

Medical Wish List Items

The items on this wish list will help care for community pets and shelter animals. Your donation will help us fund their purchase and improve AWA's ability to provide treatment for more animals in the future.


  • Castroviejo Needle Drivers$200/set (2 sets needed)

    Two sets needed. Dental equipment that will allow for more advanced dental procedures in shorter time for the patient.

  • Ophthalmoscope/Otoscope Sets$500/set (1 set needed)

    Need two for each main exam room.

  • Heated Surgical Table$2,500/ea (2 needed)

    Replacing an older model. A heated surgical table will keep the animal's temperature up during surgery, making recovery quicker.

  • Cabinetry$1,000

    For use in our lab and surgery areas.

  • Laundry Bin on Wheels$265/ea (1 needed)

    We do a lot of laundry in the pet clinic, and this mobile cart will let us take less individual loads up to our industrial washers and save time for more important things like caring for animals.