Pet Retention

Are you or a loved one facing a crisis situation? Before you decide to rehome your pet, please take a look at our pet retention resources. There may be another option that allows you to keep your beloved companion.

Pet Rehoming

The decision to rehome a pet is difficult, but sometimes it is the best decision for both the humans and the pet. We are here to provide counseling and make this transition easy and stress-free for all involved.

Surrendering a Pet

Sometimes all other options are exhausted and your pet is still in need of a new home.

Giving up your pet is a difficult decision to make. We understand how hard it can be to relinquish a beloved pet, and we appreciate your choice to reach out to us so we can work in partnership with you for a safe and happy ending for your pet.

If you are in need of surrendering an AWA adopted animal, please reach out to our adoptions desk at 856-424-2288 x101 for assistance. Any other pet surrender inquiries please click below to learn more.