New to fundraising? Looking for some fresh ideas? Have your sets sight on our top prize? Here are some tips, tricks and resources to help you reach you or your team's fundraising goals.

AWA's Top Fundraising Tips for Paws & Feet

Want to maximize your donation to Paws & Feet and win the top prizes? Following these tips and strategies will propel you or your team to fundraising success.


Give People a Reason to Donate

Friends and family will be most likely to donate if they know how passionate you are towards the cause. Expressing a personal example of your love for animals is especially powerful.


Ask for a Specific Amount

Often, donors hesitate because they’re unsure how much is appropriate. Giving them an example lets them know and can lead to them wanting to go beyond that number.


Ask Everyone!

You’ll be surprised as to how many people are compelled to donate for the love of animals. Family members across the country, friends at the dog park, colleagues at work and friends on Facebook you haven’t talked to in a decade.

It never hurts to try!


Use the Personal or Team Web Page Provided to You

It’s a great system that can help you reach out to everyone. Make sure you include a picture of yourself or your pet on your page with a touching story to help motivate people to donate!


Create a Birthday Fundraiser

If you’re having a birthday party, ask for donations in lieu of gifts.

You can also set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook.


Do an Office Casual Day

Coordinate with your office to host a Paws and Feet Day, where co-workers who make a donation can dress casually that day.


Double Your Total Through Matching Gifts

Many companies offer a gift-matching program that is designed to support employees who give to non-profit organizations. With a few easy steps and proper documentation, your company may double or even triple the amount you have already raised!

Ask your employer if they have a matching program – and be sure to ask teammates and donors if their employer offers a matching gift, too!