Can’t Buy Me Love

The “Can’t Buy Me Love” program waives adoption fees for animals with certain age, health or behavior challenges that make it more difficult to find homes.

Animals in this program have been at the Animal Welfare Association’s Adoption Center in Voorhees for a higher-than-average time due to these challenges. Can’t Buy Me Love allows adopters to save the adoption fees and devote more resources to training, medical care and other expenses common for a pet’s transition into a new home.

Can't Buy Me Love Eligibility

Animals of any age or species are eligible for the Can’t Buy Me Love program.

AWA’s Adoption and Medical staff will determine which animals are eligible for the program based on criteria including:

  • Length of stay at AWA Adoption Center
  • Medical conditions/ history
  • Age
  • And more
To learn more about the program and any animals you are interested in that qualify, please contact our Adoption Center staff:
Senior dog Pop standing outside at Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees, NJ.

Current Can't Buy Me Love Pets

The following animals have their adoption fees waived under the Can’t Buy Me Love program. If you wish to visit with them or adopt, please fill out an adoption application and come in to see them during our Adoption Center hours.

8 months


Weight: 40lbs
Energy Level: High
Suggested Home: An active household that can keep him mentally and physically stimulated.
Dogs: I am new and have not had time to meet new friends yet!
Knows: Sit, down, look, and working on loose leash walking!
Fun Facts: I enjoy long walks through the trails and cheese!
Origin: I'm from New Jersey!

1 year old


Weight: 56Lbs.
Energy Level: high
Suggested Home: A quiet but highly active household with people who can keep her mentally and physically stimulated.
Dogs: I do well with some dogs here at the AWA!
Knows: I know sit, touch and look. I am learning more every day
Fun Facts: I enjoy cheese, puzzle toys and hotdogs!
Origin: I'm from Texas!

5 years old


More Adoptable Animals at AWA

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