Video Updates of the Temporary Shelter and Clinic!

The New Temporary Clinic Trailer

Move to Temporary Shelter in the Pet Clinic

Cats and Dogs to the Temporary Shelter

Last Look at the Old Shelter

AWA's 70th year in existence - concluded with the organization looking ahead and committing to tomorrow's hurt and homeless animals by launching, “Building a Place Where Happiness Begins,” Capital Campaign to construct a new Adoption & Education Center to serve as the “home base” for AWA's unique animal-and-people-centered programs by the end of 2021.

So many victories have taken place here despite the staff and volunteers working in a deteriorating building or out of storage sheds or even from pop-up tents set up in the parking lot.

Our New Adoption Center

Imagine passing the bunny garden boxes as you walk into a sunlit lobby, turning to your left and seeing an AWA volunteer sitting in the neonatal kitten room bottle feeding a baby kitten, and the faces of three
10-year olds peering in watching.

You stop by the new AWA shop to look at the AWA branded merchandise, but are more fascinated with the handmade pumpkin dog treats display made by AWA's Special Paws Volunteers and know that the smell of pumpkin coming down the hall is from the kitchen where our Kingsway or Bancroft friends are baking a fresh batch.

Then slowly you walk across the lobby to the Dog Wing. There you stop at the Real Life Room to greet a big, young, yellow lab who is “relaxing” after his 'don't-jump, be calm' training session in the behavior & training room.

On your way to the dog adoption area, you spot a child reading to a dog. Then you reach the elevator to go to the lower level. There is the Community Training Room, where forty-plus people have arrived for AWA's free “How to Care for Senior Pets” workshop.

After the workshop you go back up to the Adoption Center to see the rabbits in the Bunny Corner and cats in the Cat Wing. Families are visiting with the kitties they picked out in the Catio, Cat Greeting Room and even out in the screened-in cat lounge.

You've now been at AWA for a while and your heart is filled with happiness. But before you can exit, one final things catches your eye…but what is it?

AWA's 2.5 million dollar campaign to construct a home for tomorrow's animals, needs all of our donors' support. To date, we have raised $2.0M, the goal we have set to break ground and fling open doors for the Public Phase. During the Public Phase we need to raise the final $500,000 to reach our campaign goal.

We can't do it without the entirety of our community's support. When we look ahead-at the future of AWA-we hope you will be part of this historic effort.

We know we can count on you to help us help the future of the animals in our care - you always have in the past!

To inquire if significant naming opportunities remain for leadership gifts, please contact Executive Director Maya Richmond at