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White puppy dog Flurrie standing in kennel at Animal Welfare Association.

Puppy Pals

These energetic babies keep the staff busy feeding and cleaning up their messes, but they sure are cute. Vaccinating and spaying or neutering them gets them started on a healthy path so they can grow into healthy playful adults.

Pictured: Flurrie. This little girl was under six months old when she came to AWA and because she was such an adorable pup, she was only here three days before she was adopted.

After you checkout, you will have the opportunity to send an e-card or request a printed card sent to let your loved one know a lifesaving gift was made in their honor.

Your lifesaving gift will be used in combination with other donor’s gift to support the care of all the animals that come to AWA, including those that need medical care and behavioral help.

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