Canine Companions

Many dogs that arrive at AWA come from unsafe environments or require medical care for injuries or illnesses such as heartworms. For the dogs rescued from the street or from other dangerous environments behavior rehabilitation is sometimes required.

Pictured: Frankie

Frankie’s stay at AWA was a long one, lasting over 5 months. Despite long walks, play time with friends and all-you-can-eat treats, he developed severe kennel stress and anxiety. Who could blame him? He’s since found a home and is now another shining example of the lives we can save thanks to donors like you.

Your lifesaving gift will be used in combination with others to support the care of all the animals that come to AWA, including those that need extraordinary medical care and behavioral help.

After you checkout, you will have the opportunity to send an e-card or request a printed card sent to let your loved one know a lifesaving gift was made in their honor.