The Animal Alliance of Camden County was formed in 2011 by five local animal welfare organizations and Camden County Shared Services, who decided to coordinate their efforts to better serve the pets and residents of the county. Current members include the Animal Adoption Center, Animal Welfare Association, Camden County Animal Shelter, Voorhees Animal Orphanage, and Independent Animal Control. Member organizations work together to improve the well-being of companion animals and their owners in the community, including joint efforts such as adoption events, spay/neuter partnerships, and transporting animals in need to reduce populations.

The Animal Alliance of Camden County will provide for collaboration between participating animal welfare organizations for the purpose of increasing the efficacy of their individual missions, and contribute to the health and well-being of local companion animals and their keepers.


  • Alliance members will support the goals of participating agencies
  • Alliance members will engage the community collectively to help save lives
  • Alliance members will recognize animal welfare as an important charitable sector
  • Alliance members will recognize animal welfare workers as skilled professionals
  • Alliance members will recognize that we share and support a common goal
  • Alliance members will respect the individual methods of participating organizations


  • To set an exceptional standard for professional and cooperative effort in the field of animal welfare
  • To implement innovative collaborative programs that contribute to the well-being of companion animals


  • To participate in all collective alliance initiatives
  • To increase the efficacy of existing life-saving programs through collective effort
  • To increase life-saving outcomes via new programs and initiatives
  • To raise the standard for professionals working in the field

Alliance Activities:

Statement on Almost Home Animal Shelter Closing, 12/18/15

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