Humane Education

AWA’s Humane Education program teaches people of all ages to understand and care for the animals in our lives by fostering compassion, respect, and empathy for all living things through:

  • emphasizing the connection between pets and people in our daily lives
  • educating the public on the importance of animal issues and how they affect society
  • teaching the basics of safety around animals to ensure positive human-animal interactions
  • strengthening the human-animal bond, which goes a long way to break the cycle of violence that can be initiated by abuse
  • giving children facing challenging times the opportunity to connect emotionally with an animal and receive unconditional love
  • teaching compassion and kindness to children today, which will make tremendous in-roads to a more humane tomorrow

We have big things on the horizon!

The Humane Education department is hard at work developing plenty of fun programs for our new Humane Education Center. Stay tuned for Scout Badge events, Birthday Parties, and many more learning opportunities for all ages! If you are interested in an event that has not yet launched, please contact us to participate in a pilot program. 

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Love teaching? We’re in search of passionate volunteers, especially retired teachers!

We are always looking for ways to improve upon our services. Please contact us with any suggestions or if you’d like to help: