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Description of Trademarked Community Events and Products

AWA has a series of signature community events and products that set our organization apart. Known for our problem-solving approach to the big issues facing animals and our positive, inclusive programming, we improve quality of life for the animals and people in our community.

The short list of trademarked AWA community events highlights our creativity.

  • Barktini™ Bar – AWA created the Barktini™ Bar several years ago. We take our signature Barktini™ Bar and yummy doggy drinks to dozens of community events each year.
  • Corporate Cuddle Days™ – AWA is the only regional animal welfare organization that provides this unique opportunity to our closest friends. Before Uber used shelter puppies for free marketing, AWA was bringing joy to people’s faces during a long workday.
  • Date Nights with Your Dog™ – AWA partners with select pet friendly retailers to create a memorable night for their shoppers. Date Nights with Your Dog™ is a way AWA serves our supporters, brings joy to many pet owners and engages the community in our work. It is an extension of what we stand for.
  • Virtual Pets™ – AWA uses Virtual Pets™ as part of our youth engagement and humane education program. Each Virtual Pet™ comes with information about animal sheltering and how to be a good pet parent. By trademarking Virtual Pets™, and other AWA programs/services, AWA is able to grow Virtual Pets™ to be recognized as part of who we are and what we do.