Foster a Pet

FOSTERING HOPE FOR SHELTER ANIMALS Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to a shelter animal! Fostering is an immensely rewarding experience as it is a very personal way to become involved in saving an animal’s life. This program has dramatically increased the number of animals our shelter can save and plays an […]

Volunteer at AWA

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Animal Welfare Association! We are proud to have the support of so many wonderful volunteers, willing to donate their time, talents and energy to helping us save pets’ lives. Our volunteers help in three main program areas of the organization: on-site in our pet shelter and clinic, […]

Trash to Treasure

We Need Your Help! The easiest way to have the greatest impact would be to choose a few types of items to collect and when you’ve collected a dozen or so of each bring them in for the animals! YOU CAN TURN JUST ABOUT ANYTHING INTO AN ENRICHMENT ITEM! EVEN YOUR: Shower Curtain Rings Paper […]

Group Engagement Service Day

Group Engagement Service Day Group service days play an important role in helping AWA meet the needs of people and pets in our community. This program offers 3.5-hours of service and team-building experience at AWA, including an orientation to the organization with a tour of the facility, a hands-on team building work experience, refreshments or […]

Tales with Tails

Child reading to dog at Animal Welfare Association Tales with Tails event.

Children’s Volunteer Reading Program The Animal Welfare Association’s Tales with Tails Reading Program is a mutually beneficial program for kids and animals.  Children as young as 5 years old, can sign up to read to AWA’s animals!  Kids can work on developing their reading skills while animals are comforted by their voices and drawn to […]

P.A.W.S. Volunteer Program

AWA is grateful to have partnered with community and service-based organizations to provide valuable life and job skills to developmentally disabled teens and adults. What is the P.A.W.S. Program? P.A.W.S. stands for People Achieving With Support, and that is exactly what AWA hopes to achieve with the P.A.W.S. Program. P.A.W.S. volunteers are developmentally disabled teens […]

Host a Fundraiser for AWA

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Animal Welfare Association (AWA) by hosting a fundraising event! A third party fundraiser is any event hosted and run by an organization or business outside of AWA where proceeds, either monetary or in kind, are donated to AWA. Who can host a third party fundraiser? Any group […]