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Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey

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Adoption Appointments

We appreciate the outpouring of support from those who are looking to open up their home to a shelter pet. We never expected the huge numbers of those looking to adopt during this pandemic. To keep with the guidelines for safety and social distancing, we have opted to have adoptions on an appointment schedule only. Anyone interested in adopting must sign up for an appointment. Please refer to to view the open appointment schedule. If there are none available, please continue to check the page as cancellation do occur which will open up appointment times. On the day of your appointment, please check our website for available animals. Those listed will be the only pets available that day. If you do not see a pet you are interested in, cancel your appointment. This will open the spot for another person. Because the appointments are limited to just 30 minutes, please come to the shelter with the names of the pets you are interested in meeting. This will assist us in making the best use of your time. Thank you!

FAQ Adoption by Appointment during COVID19

  • I saw a puppy on you Facebook page, can I make an appointment specifically to meet that puppy?

No, you cannot specify which animal you want to make an appointment for, currently appointments are several days out and animals are not held for a specific appointment time, adoptions are first come, first serve.

  • When can I schedule an appointment to meet with an animal?

Appointments can be scheduled Monday – Sunday between 12pm – 5pm according to what is available on the link.

  • How do I sign up for an appointment?

Please follow the Sign Up link above to schedule your appointment.

  • Can I make more than one appointment on the same day?

One appointment per person per day.

  • Who can I bring with me to this appointment?

Limit the number of family members coming with you to the appointment to 4 people total. Those coming should be those people in your immediate household only.

  • Can I make an appointment to see an animal that is in foster care?

No, animals in foster care are not yet available for adoption. Only those animals listed on our website are available for adoption by appointment.

  • How long will the appointment last?

30 min per appointment, longer if deciding to adopt same day.

  • Should I bring my current dog with me to this appointment if I want him/her to meet the dog I’m interested in?

Yes, if you would like your dog to meet the shelter dog by all means bring him. (Please do not bring any other pets, only dogs get to meet other dogs.)

  • Do I have to adopt the same day as my appointment?

Yes, we will not be allowing any 24 hour holds for adoption appointments.

Everything You Need To Know To Find Your New Best Friend

We strive to match people with pets that fit their lifestyles. Part of our mission to take care of the animals means taking the time to find loving and responsible homes.

We have a wide selection of cats, dogs, rabbits, and small animals. If you don’t see the pet you’re looking for, we encourage you to continue to check regularly.

Due to the number of animals that we receive and find homes for every day, we can not guarantee that specific animals listed on our site will be available when you visit.  We can not hold animals via phone, fax, or email.  The best way to find a new furry companion is by visiting us in person. After all, you might be about to meet your new best friend!

How Does the Adoption Process Work?

We believe in an open, non-judgmental adoption process.  We try to match a person’s pet expectations so fewer pets are returned.  Under normal conditions the process is:

  • Come in with your family and look around.
  • If you see a pet that you like, ask staff to meet the pet (if the pet is available to be taken out).
  • Complete the adoption questionnaire.
  • Review the information we have on file about the pet and his/her past experience.
  • Finish the process by having a conversation with our adoption staff.
  • Following these steps, we can put a hold on a pet for 24 hours if you need time to think about the decision or to prepare your home.
  • Most of our pets can go home the same day.
  • Sometimes we need to have the entire household meet the pet.
    -Usually, if a dog is going into a home with another dog, they will need to meet each other prior to adoption.
    -If the pet is not yet spayed or neutered, he or she will have to be fixed prior to adoption.

*Please note that all animal meets will stop being conducted a half hour before we close daily.


Puppies six months and younger: $350.00
Small and Toy-sized dogs (all ages, under 20 lbs): $300.00
Dogs older than six months: $250.00

Kittens six months and younger: $125.00
Cats older than six months: $80.00

View Small Animals for Adoption

Small Animals

Rabbits, Ferrets and Chinchillas: $50
Guinea Pigs and Rats: $20
Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice: $10


  • We will not adopt a pet to anyone under the age of 18.
  • We will not adopt to anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • We reserve the right not to place a pet in a home based on the information we have or if we feel the pet is not a match for the person’s lifestyle.

AWA may reduce or waive adoption fees for a variety of reasons:  Too many cats or kittens in the building, older and special needs pets that have a harder time finding homes, etc.  From time to time, we run adoption promotions.

Adoption Programs

Can't Buy Me Love Program

The Can’t Buy Me Love adoption program was introduced to help find homes for animals with certain age, health or behavior challenges by waiving their adoption fees. This program allows adopters to devote more resources to training or medical care for the pets who need some extra special attention or extra support to transition into their new homes.

Best Friends Program

The Best Friends program allows adopters to take home two best friends for a reduced adoption fee!  When you adopt a cat of any age, you can bring home a “Best Friend” (cats 1 year and older only) for just $25. Both cats must be adopted at the same time, by the same person, and deemed to be compatible with each other by adoption staff.

Pets for Patriots Program

Pets for Patriots Adoption Program

Animal Welfare Association has partnered with Pets for Patriots, Inc., a not-for-profit that connects shelter pets with our country’s loyal service men and women, to increase the adoption of adult and other at-risk homeless pets by veteran and service members of the United States military.

Pets for Vets Program

AWA is a participating shelter in the Camden County adoption program, Pets for Vets. This program is open to active military, reservists or veterans who are residents of Camden County and waives adoption fees on certain pets to share the joy of the human-animal bond between shelter pets and veterans.

Seniors for Seniors Program

Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program

The Seniors for Seniors adoption program brings together senior pets and senior citizens to enjoy the human-animal bond. The companionship of a pet can improve both health and quality of life for people, and the quiet home of a senior is often a perfect match for a gentle, calm senior pet. Senior citizens who have at least 60 years of life experience and who are residents of Camden County are eligible for a fee-waived adoption of certain older pets.